Mailing Address:
117 New Hall West (0428)
Blacksburg, VA 24061

Chapter President:

Braxton Duvall



National Website

Chapter Conduct Status: In Good Standing


Lambda Chi Alpha crest showing colors of green, purple, gold

Motto: A bold way to a better world. 

Values: Equal Membership, Timeless Leadership, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, Total Health, and Strength through Service

Founded: November 2, 1909, at Boston University

Chapter Information

Membership Fees: $500 per member per semester. Visit this link for a detailed breakdown of the financial commitments of membership.

 Leadership Development:

Ideal Man Program: Lambda Chi’s personal and professional online skill-building program full of resources that help our members prepare for life beyond fraternity.

Leadership Skills Certification Academy: A specialized online training program and digital badging tool that will turn your experience into marketable skills employers want to see.

Chapter Philanthropy:  

Feeding America:  Fighting to end hunger across North America. Since 2013, we have provided over 20 million pounds of food globally with Feeding America.  

  Movember Foundation: Funding projects and programs to support men’s mental and physical health. In our partnership’s first year in 2021, Lambda Chi raised the most funds of any fraternity to support Movember. 

Housing: N/A