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Phi Kappa Tau- Epsilon Chi Chapter

Phi Kappa Tau

Saahil Kumar

Mailing Address:
117 New Hall West (0428)
Blacksburg, VA 24061

Recruitment Contact
Mitchell Keaney

On Campus House:
2875 Oak Lane, 77B SPHR
Blacksburg, VA 24060-9544

Chapter Advisor
Ro Settle

National Website

Chapter Website

Chapter Conduct Status: In Good Standing

Chapter Conduct Violations in 2019-20 Academic Year: 0

% of Members Found Responsible for Individual Student Conduct Violations in 2019-20 Academic Year*: 6%

*The percentage of individual members of each organization who were found responsible for violations of the Virginia Tech Student Code of Conduct during the 2019-20 academic year. These violations were not related to their membership in the organization.



Phi Kappa Tau


Motto: Learning, Leading, Serving

Values: Championa Lifelong Commitment to Brotherhood, Learning, Ethical Leadership, and Exemplary Character

Founded: March 17, 1906

Chapter Information

Spring 2020 Members: 36

Spring 2020 Chapter GPA: 3.590

Spring 2020 Initiated Member Dues: $550

Chapter Philanthropy: Serious Fun

Philanthropic Dollars Raised in 2019-20: $50

Community Service Hours in 2019-20: 84

Housing: On Campus