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Sigma Phi Delta- Beta Delta Chapter

Members of Sigma Phi Delta


Nathan Steiman

Mailing Address:
117 New Hall West (0428)

Blacksburg, VA 24061

Recruitment Contact

Tommy Billington

Chapter Advisor

Harrison Bolinger

National Website

Chapter Conduct Status: Deferred Suspension through 12/17/2022

Found responsible for the following conduct violations in Fall 2021: Hazing

Chapter must complete the following sanctions: Membership Review, prohibited from extending new bids for membership until Fall 2022, implement a series of educational and administrative workshops

Chapter Conduct Violations in 2021-22 Academic Year: 1

% of Members Found Responsible for Individual Student Conduct Violations in 2021-22 Academic Year*: 3%

*The percentage of individual members of each organization who were found responsible for violations of the Virginia Tech Student Code of Conduct during the academic year. These violations were not related to their membership in the organization.



Sigma Phi Delta

Motto: Pro Bono Professions ("For the Good of the Profession")

Values: To promote the advancement of the Engineering Profession; To foster the advancement of Engineering Education, to instill a greater spirit of cooperation among Engineering Students and Organizations; to Inculcate in its members the highest ideals of virtuous manhood, good Citizenship, obedience to Law, and Brotherhood; to encourage excellence in scholarhsip 

Founded: April 11, 1924 at the University of Sothern California 

Chapter Information

Spring 2022 Members: 68

Spring 2020 Chapter GPA: 3.059

Spring 2022 Initiated Member Dues: $450

Chapter Philanthropy: New River Community Action

Housing: n/a

Standards of Excellence Score 2021-2022: Gold