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Phi Kappa Tau - Epsilon Chi Chapter

Phi Kappa Tau

Andrew Edelson

Mailing Address:
117 New Hall West (0428)
Blacksburg, VA 24061

Recruitment Contact

Jack Staul

On Campus House:
2875 Oak Lane, 77B SPHR
Blacksburg, VA 24060-9544

Chapter Advisor
Rohsaan Settle

National Website

Chapter Website

Chapter Conduct Status as of 2/7/2024: Cease of Operations on any and all chapter activities and functions involving alcohol

% of Members Found Responsible for Individual Student Conduct Violations in 2022-23 Academic Year*: 5%

*The percentage of individual members of each organization who were found responsible for violations of the Virginia Tech Student Code of Conduct during the academic year. These violations were not related to their membership in the organization.



Phi Kappa Tau


Motto: Learning, Leading, Serving

Values: Championa Lifelong Commitment to Brotherhood, Learning, Ethical Leadership, and Exemplary Character

Founded: March 17, 1906

Chapter Information

Fall 2023 Members: 38

Fall 2023 Chapter GPA: 3.071

Spring 2023 Initiated Member Dues: $550

Chapter Philanthropy: Serious Fun

Housing: On Campus

Standards of Excellence Score 2022-2023: Gold