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Fraternity and Sorority Life

Fraternity and Sorority Life

Fraternity and sorority chapters are only one piece of the puzzle to the fraternity and sorority community at Virginia Tech. We encourage you to learn more about how fraternity and sorority life could be a part of your Virginia Tech Experience!

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Welcome to Fraternity and Sorority Life!

The fraternity and sorority community currently encompasses more than 5,400 students which represents just about 19 percent of the undergraduate population; hence, fraternity and sorority life is incredibly dynamic at Virginia Tech. As such, there are three main aspects of which great focus will be placed in order to build upon the solid foundation of the interfraternal membership experience at Virginia Tech: community development, leadership and learning, and strategic planning.

Learn about Fraternity and Sorority Life

There are 58 chapters within the fraternity and sorority community - each offering both similar and distinct types of experiences. Each year we update our Fraternity and Sorority Life Scorecard with information about chapter health - based off of the chapter's self-reported information and institutional data at the end of each academic year. In this guide you can learn more about their successes and challenges. The Scorecard also shows the chapter certification status of each of our organizations according to our Standards of Excellence program.  Additionally, you will find more information about the conduct status of each chapter if they are currently under sanction by our Student Conduct office. Contact the Fraternity and Sorority Life office for more information!

Joining a Fraternity or Sorority

We are excited to introduce you to the lifetime experience of Fraternity and Sorority Life. With 58 fraternities and sororities, there's a wealth of opportunities to offer you. Since we know "people join people", we have created a few resources for you to help you learn more about how to add fraternity and sorority life to your Virginia Tech Experience! We encourage you to visit our Interested in Joining? page for lots of information about upcoming events and council-specific recruitment and intake information. Additionally, check out our chapter directory to learn more about each fraternity/sorority and contact them. If that may feel overwhelming for you, simply come see us in 117 New Hall West or email Either way, we want to meet you! 

Fraternal Leaders Institute

As fraternity and sorority leaders, we've been tasked with being change agents that take ownership of our community and transform it for the better! The Fraternal Leaders Institute is comprised of different leadership experiences for members in our community to Explore, Practice, and Live their fraternal values. For more information on these experiences, please click on the Fraternal Leaders Institute link under the Members tab!

Standards of Excellence

Our chapters excellent in many different ways! The Standards of Excellence Chapter Certification Program measures organizational accomplishments in six areas: Community Engagement, Chapter Support & Leadership Development, Maintaining Healthy Environments & Member Experiences, Administrative Excellence, Academic Excellence, and a Community Relations "Good Neighbor Grade". For more information on this program, please click on the Standards of Excellence link under the Members tab!

Hokies Don't Haze

We all belong to Hokie Nation, and hazing has no place in our fraternities and sororities, or anywhere in our community. This is home and it is all of our responsibility to keep our home safe and healthy for all Hokies. Hazing is a criminal offense in the Commonwealth of Virginia and against the Virginia Tech Student Code of Conduct. If you ever witness or experience hazing, or if you have any information about potential hazing, we encourage you to report it online using the Hazing Reporting Form. If you or someone else is in danger, please contact the VT Police Department at (540) 231-6411 or call 911.

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